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Frequently Asked Questions -

24 December,2018 by Rambler

I've compiled a list of the questions that I get asked most frequently.  If you have a question that I haven't answered or you need a more detailed answer, leave a comment below in the comments section 

 Please read through to see if I've answered it already.  FAQs were lasted updated on 26th September 2023.

Do you accept sponsored posts? 

Yes , sponsored posts are accepted. The content must be relevant to readers. The sponsored post package includes:

 -Published post on
 -Promotion in  email newsletter
 -Extra links within


What is your current job situation?

I am a Senior DBA in a large financial institution.  I've been in this role full time for 10 years.

What are your responsibilities in this role?

I manage over 200 database servers and a team of DBAs onshore and offshore.

The database servers support a) SQL Server, DB2 LUW, PostgreSQL,MariaDB,MongoDB b) Datawarehouse, Transaction and Modelling database servers.

My main responsibilities are Database Architecture and Performance. I manage Tuning, Database Server Optimisation, SQL Programming, database design of very large databases and the full range of database management procedures.

Do you have an up to date CV?

Yes and read my articles on ,  

Would you like to keep receiving job vacancies information?

Yes, for high-end SQL Server and DB2 Senior DBA\Database Architect vacancies.

Do you write product reviews?

Yes, but only if I use the product or have tested thoroughly


I’d like to submit a Guest Blog Post to, how can I submit a request? What are the guidelines?

Guest Blog post requests are welcome for Database Server related topics. The guidelines are:

a)     submit a topic in the comments section below. I’ll reply to confirm  it’s OK

b)       Submit Unique content only.

c)       The article must be 500 – 800 words.

d)       One image supporting the text is OK. I may need to resize.

e)       Include a short biography – focus on technical skills and what make you an authority on the topic . I’ll include the biography at the top of the post.

f)        I’ll include an external link . The external link must  not be to an unrelated site. For example , it can be to the authors technical blog or to a page offering more information about the topic. I won’t include spam like links.

 How can I develop a career as a  DBA ?

I'm asked this question often. It all depends on your experience and motivations. There are many different paths. I've included a link worth reading. It focuses on how to progress a DBA career and the importance of developing a wide range of skills but also thinking strategically. 

 Career in DBA


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