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Confluent Kafka and MongoDB connector

22 July,2019 by Rambler

I needed to source data from a MongoDB  change stream- using Kafka. The official Mongo DB connector is on and is straightforward to install.

If you're database server has an internet connection , use the confluent-hub method. Otherwise there is a manual install method - outlined in the link above.

This is an example of using the confluent-hub method 

confluent-hub install mongodb/kafka-connect-mongodb:0.1

Once you've installed the connector stop | start the Confluent Connect 

confluent stop connect 

confluent start connect 

You should now see a new entry in the Connector list : MongoDBConnector


For the connection to work there is some preliminary work required .Firstly make sure there is a MongoDB change stream available. From Mongo 3.6 it is possible to set up a changestream on a standalone MongoDB - as long as a Replica Set is initiated. 

There were a number of issues I faced when setting up the Connector 

1) Connection URl - I played around with a few various url options - but this is the one that worked for me


e.g mongodb://jackv:[email protected]:27017/db1

This format worked for the setup. Note the reference to the authentication db. This user's authentication database was set up as a different database to the "admin" db. 


2) String errors when reading the topic. I initially setup the Mongo connection  with no values for :

Key Converter Class

Value Converter class 

When I attempted to read the data there were multiple conversion issues

I edited the values of key Converter Class and Value Converter Class to  ""

When I restarted the Source Connector I could now read the data through  ksql PRINT functionality. 

As I start to  work through the process of reading and directing the data to a Sink connector , flattening  the JSON format and other related tasks.  I'll add more details . 


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