Apache Kafka FAQ

09 August,2019 by Jack Vamvas

These are some common questions I've received in working with Apache Kafka. I'll keep adding more detail

What is Apache Kafka ?

Apache Kafka is a distributed , partitioned, replicated commit log service

What is some common terminology used when discussing Kafka?

Event Producer,Partition,Routing,Topic,Broker,Sink,Stream consumers

What protocols  are supported by Kafka?

JSON , Avro 

Do you have a diagram giving a very high level view of Kafka?

This diagram - gives you a flavour of possibilities. 


What is Zookeper?

Zookeper manager distributed processes. It is compulsory part of an Apache Kafka cluster.Kafka Brokers use Zookeper for cluster controller election and cluster membership management

What are Kafka Brokers?

Kafka Brokers are the main messaging and storage parts of Apache Kafka. Apache Kafka has a concept called Topics. Topics is a another way of saying "message streams" . These topics are separated into partitions. The partitions are then replicated for the high availability .  The Kafka Cluster is managed by the Kafka Broker servers

What is a Kafka Connect worker?

The Kafka Connect worker allows Kafka to integrate with external systems. The Kafka Connect API permits configuring connectors that continually pull from some source data system into Kafka or push from Kafka into some sink data system. 




Author: Jack Vamvas (http://www.dba-ninja.com)


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