How to create a MongoDB change stream application

22 August,2019 by Rambler

In an earlier post How to create a MongoDB change stream for standalone I outlined setting up a change stream for a standalone MongoDB server. Essentially it requires initiating a Replicaset and then using the change stream feature to consume the output. 

When the change stream is available , a quick test is next in order. The test will print out the changes as they occur. The changes appearing will depending on the configuration. In the example below - the script is configured to monitor for changes in the  db = "mydb" and collection = "mycollection".

The script utilises the Collection method - This method opens the change stream cursor and creates a data change notification . 

There is also usage of the JSON.stringify() converts the the Javascript object to a JSON string.

The base script comes from the article I've linked on How to create a MongoDB change stream for standalone

To execute the script from the command line execute : mongo my_script.js


conn = new Mongo("mongodb://localhost:27017/myauthdb?replicaSet=rs1");
db = conn.getDB("mydb");
collection = db.mycollection;

const changeStreamCursor =;


//this function polls a change stream and prints out each change as it comes in
function pollStream(cursor) {
  while (!cursor.isExhausted()) {
    if (cursor.hasNext()) {
      change =;

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