How to create a MongoDB change stream for standalone

07 August,2019 by Rambler

MongoDB Change streams is a (CDC type ?) of function allowing applications to track data changes on a MongoDB collection, db or even an entire MongoDB data implementation. A consuming  application can track the change stream and do something such as trigger an event .

When I first started looking at MongoDB  Change Streams - it was to use in conjunction with another Data streaming technology such as Apache Kafka , track the change stream, consume the data , convert and redirect to a Postgres database. Sounds simple!     

One of the benefits of implementing MongoDB  Change Stream is it  does not require tailing the oplog.From a syntax perspective - the change stream format exploits the query language and disassociates you from the oplog. 

I was under the impression you needed a full blown High Availability multi node replicaset set up, but discovered , that for development\testing purposes it is possible to initiate a replicaset. It is then possible to configure an application to  consume the change stream . In the first link below there are some sample scripts for reading a change stream 

To set up a MongoDB change stream on a standalone server the minimum requirement is MongoDB 3.6 . 

I based the implementation on these 2 links

In conjunction with researching change streams , I need to consider various design  questions.

1)Much like database triggers , would you want a process that notifies data changes to be independent of other transactional code.  I've seen data integrity and other issues related to database triggers , where over the years processes become fragmented - causing developers\DBAs to become unaware of triggers during data changes or DDL changes. 

2) Being aware of documents , collections, databases is easy to view and manage. Change streams are a different beast and require a different way of viewing

3)If an application is reliant on change stream to be updated on data changes -  can they easily be traced in a debugging situation?


I'm continuing research on change streams , Kafka and other data streaming methods .





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