What's new in Postgres 12

28 August,2019 by Rambler

Postgres 12 is released and being tested across different organisations. 

I'm researching these new Postgres features/enhancements  Big focus on performance & optimisation

Partitioning - Partition tables can now be referenced as foreign keys

Btree - Lots of small changes, but big performance  improvement , and less storage requirements for multi-column indexes

Most-common-value statistics - Allow most-column-value statistics for multiple columns; previously only a single correlation value was recorded for multiple columns.This feature will allow the DBA to create multi column statistics for specific use cases

Inline many CTE queries - Overcome optimization barriers

Prepared plan control - Prepared statements usually use prepared plans after 6 executions.Using the  plan_cache_mode will  force the plan immediately. 

Just-in-time compilation - Useful for datawarehouse queries . Turned  on by default

Checksums control - Enable checksums without having to dump out data.Overcome the painful experience of dumping out data and reimporting!

Reindex concurrently- Supports REINDEX with minimal locking

More news on Postgres 12 


Author: Rambler (http://www.dba-ninja.com)


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