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How to fix mongo odbc 1.1 access denied for user in Challenge and Response

03 October,2019 by Rambler

When supporting developers during setting up BI Connector and the ODBC System DSN for connection to a MongoDB  , a common problem is the incorrect application of the  username format , leading to a "Access is Denied" error message. What should the correct username format be for the Challenge and Response method?

Step 1 is setting up the BI Connector. Typically the developer initiated the command line utility mongosqld . The mongosqld command line utility  accepts incoming requests from a SQL client (or ODBC DSN setup used by the SQL Client)  and acts as a proxy for the incoming requests.I The proxy redirects the requests to the mongod or mongos server instance

Once Step 1 is achieved - we move onto setting up the ODBC System DSN setup . If the developer chooses to use the the Challenge and Response authentication method  aka SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication method - special attention is required to complete the username.   The common mistake is to just place the username. This results in an authentication error - "Access is denied".    To get this working write the username in the following format.


For a more detailed instructions use this link to the MongoDB documentation. Create a System DSN 



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