How to unlock the secrets of MongoDB BI Connector

25 November,2019 by Rambler

These are my notes on installing the MongoDB BI Connector. 

The MongoDB Connector for Business Intelligence (BI) supports users to generate SQL queries against MongoDB databases. Typical client programs include Qlik,Tableau and Excel 

Details will depend on the overall architecture required. Typically I install MongoDB Connector on a dedicated server - to support wider usage

==Place the executable in /usr/bin
mongodrdl mongosqld mongotranslate

==Place the cfg file in /usr/bin/mongobi

===To start it from the command line
mongosqld --mongo-uri "mongodb://MY_SERVER:27017" --auth --mongo-username MY_USER --mongo-password MY_PASSWORD --mongo-authenticationSource MY_AUTH_DB

===To start mongosqld with a configuration file (see example of basic configuration below )
mongosqld --config <pathToConfigFile>/mongosqld.conf
mongosqld --config /usr/bin/mongobi/mongosqld.conf

===To install and run mongosqld as a system service, run the following commands on RHEL 6 :
sudo mongosqld install --config <path>/mongosqld.conf
sudo service mongosql start
To enable the service so it starts automatically at boot time, run the following :
sudo chkconfig mongosql on

==How to restart BI Connector

sudo systemctl restart mongosqld.service

==Alternative to service setup is to add the command line in the /etc/rc.local file
mongosqld --config /usr/bin/mongobi/mongosqld.conf

===Example of configuration file . This example maps to all the collections in a database
logAppend: false
path: "/var/log/mongosqld.log"
verbosity: 2

enabled: true

uri: "MY_MONGODB_SERVER:27017"
username: "MY_USER"
password: "MY_PASSWORD"
source: "MY_AUTH_DB"
port: 3307

namespaces: "DB1.*"

name: mongosqld
displayName: mongosqld
description: "BI Connector SQL proxy server"



Use this link for the official MongoDB documentation MongoDB Connector for BI 

Read more on client  connections connecting to MongoDB BI Connector. This is an example of connecting from SQL Server via a BI Connector to a MongoDB - > A great way to Link SQL Server and MongoDB with BI Connector



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