How to know PostgreSQL is running or installed

30 December,2019 by Rambler

Question: How do I know if PostgreSQL is running or installed on a Linux server ? 

Answer: There are some ways to check whether PostgreSQL is running or installed, but it will depend on how PostgreSQL was installed . It pays to ask the user , how PostgreSQL was installed. 

Some different methods of PostgreSQL installation & configuration could include:

-Installed from rpm packages and started by init script

-Installed \ running but the installation is not associated to the default PATH or even the default port 

-Installed from rpm packages but not set to start 

As a starter these are some methods to check the PostgreSQL  installation .

1) If PostgreSQL is not installed and you  which psql there is no output. You get the terminal prompt ready to accept a command. 

If PostgreSQL is installed which psql  will return the path 

2)Another way of gathering some information is to execute  psql --version, which will give you the PostgreSQL version. Being able to get some useful information using this method - will depend on whether PostgreSQL is on the PATH

3) If you want to know which actual port is used netstat is your friend.

sudo netstat -plunt |grep postgres

4)If all else fails you can use - find / -name 'postgres' or ps aux |grep postgres

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