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How to make MySQL tables case insensitive

21 April,2020 by Rambler

Question: I'm working with vendor supplied  ddl scripts, which  are causing case-sensitive issues. Early in the scripts - there is a CREATE TABLE statement . But further down the script there is an INSERT statement - but the case of the table is lower - causing an error . How can I fix this issue?

Answer:To fix this issue - change the "lower_case_table_names"  variable . To see  the current value of lower_case_table_names use :

show variables like '%lower_case_table_names%'


To solve this problem - you will need to change the value to "1" .

Find the location of the "my.cnf" file and add the variable lower_case_table_names 

lower_case_table_names = 1

Stop and Start mysql 

mysql > systemctl stop mysql

mysql > systemctl stop mysql


Login to mysql and execute show variables like '%lower_case_table_names%'  to see value . 

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