How to edit a user password with MongoDB Ops Manager

27 May,2020 by Rambler

Question: I have a list of MongoDB Users refreshed and appearing  in the Deployment | MongoDB Users  Screen. These were all users created directly on the MongoDB server outside of the MongoDB Ops Manager. When the users were refreshed the Synched status is set at No.   

What I'm trying to do is change the password for the user via the MongoDB Ops Manager - but without having to do it at the MongoDB  server. The user is created in 3 replica sets - and I'd like to maintain the same password in all the 3 replicasets.

Is it possible to Edit the password and deploy the same password to the user across the 3 replicasets?


Answer: Yes , it is possible to Edit the password and deploy it across the 3 replicasets . As longs as the Deployed replicasets are all in the same Project.  To confirm which replicasets are targeted check the details in the Deployment column. 

To make it possible for you to deploy the password through MongoDB Ops Manager , you will need to move the Synch toggle to On for the specific user. When you've moved the Synch Toggle - you'll notice an Edit button appear under the Actions column. 

Click on the Edit button to display Edit user screen. Apply the required password.  Note: Editing the password from this screen will deploy the password to all the associated replicasets for this user.  If this is not the outcome you want - consider changing the password per replicaset







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