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Announcing Powerful Rules for Disruptors with MongoDB

15 July,2020 by Rambler

An interesting presentation highlighting the power of keeping the pressure on but making as many friends as possible - to create change . 

Modernizing and rethinking legacy platforms can be a daunting task. This presentation describes cultural buttons to push - and how to start small , but keep growing. Starting small - allows developing expertise at a granular level which is the foundation of hyperscale

These are some highlights from the presentation- with a link to the presentation 

Rules for Disruptors - Making, Managing and Scaling the Case for Change with MongoDB by Jeff Needham - Architect 

The most precious asset is time

Software runs the world - Developer productivity is paramount
Chance favors the prepared - We do not wait to act!
Our competitors know this …and they’re probably building with mongoDB, as well.

Start with simple use case 

High degree of change - Agile Minimal Viable Product at odds with Relational.

Low degree of risk - Contained, no core financial impacts.
The perfect opportunity - A pilot to be incubated.

"Never go outside the expertise of your people… it causes fear,confusion and retreat!" Saul Alinsky Author of Rules for Radicals

Because Less is More
Start small-Smaller efforts carry less ‘risk’, and small wins build momentum.
Manage the fear - A small pilot is easier to incubate, and less controversy will flow uphill.
Build a success story -Capitalize on the win, make it a showcase for change

The Case for Change: Because Less is More
mongoDB makes you and your teams significantly faster -You can solve problems in far less time than with relational, and you can solve problems
that you would not even have considered with relational.
No pre-defined, fixed schema -Build as you discover, without re-engineering, deploy as soon as your code is ready.
Far fewer database objects required -Data that is written and read together can stay together.

Scaling the Case: Keep the Pressure On!
Turn strangers into family and friends -Lean on your family and friends to help make more.
Each effort reveals mistakes and success – manage both - Help everyone. Eliminate the noise.
Leave no-one behind - Share everything. Teach everyone MongoDB. It’s worth it.


To access the FULL video & slides- click on Rules for Disruptors - Making, Managing and Scaling the Case for Change with MongoDB

Supporting the Agile methodology as an Agile DBA  is a different mindset - but worth pursuing. Thinking through how to work with Agile development teams is interesting and often involves balancing between quality design and rapid delivery. 


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