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How to use MongoDB column alias in SQL Server SELECT

02 December,2020 by Rambler

Question: I am accessing data through a SQL Server Linked Server . The Linked Server is interfacing a MongoDB ODBC - connected to a MongoDB. The MongoDB ODBC connects to the BI Connector - which in turn extracts some collections. 

When the results are returned using the SQL Server OPENQUERY functionality , the dot nation is used to represent some columns. I want the columns presented without dot notation. How can I return an alias?

Answer: When using OPENQUERY command through SQL Server connecting to MongoDB - it will present with dot notation. 

For Example:

select * from OPENQUERY(MongoDB_TEST,'select * from mydb.DataRequest')


may return a column such as in.CompanyId.   Your requirement is to return the column name without the dot. in that case , use a standard sql alias system. Taking the above statement - change to  :

select [in.CompanyId] as companyID from OPENQUERY(MongoDB_TEST,'select * from mydb.DataRequest')


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