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How to move a MariaDB table to another database;

15 April,2021 by Rambler

There are some different approaches to moving tables between MariaDB database

Method 1: Move a table to another database - 

This will actually move the table

alter table mig_test.testtbl rename mig_test1.testtb1;


Method 2: Entire Database 

Assumed the permissions on source and target database plus underlying file permissions for the dump files are sufficient

--step 1 - dump out the data onto a local file. Ensure you have permissions on the target folder. Note use of mysqldump 

mysqldump -u root databasename_source > dump.sql

--step 2 - import the data from the local file onto the target database. Note use of mysql command

mysql -u root databasename_target < dump.sql


Read more on MariaDB commands

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