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What is the Apache Solr database

13 April,2021 by Rambler

Solr is a very widely used open source NoSQL search engine platform. It includes   full-text search, dynamic clustering, geospatial search, faceted search,distributed search\indexing. Some examples of organisations using Apache Solr -Nextflix,Verizon,AT&T,Amazon Cloudsearch uses Solr internally

Although Apache Solr is a NoSQL db and tempting to compare to MongoDB , Solr primary model is as a Search Engine - whereas MongoDB primary model is as a Document Store. Although Solr is also a spatial DBMS

Historically Apache Lucene merged with Apache Solr. A couple of years ago they split.There are pros\cons to the split - but one of the key pros is a more focused development cycle and not as much onerous testing.

When considering utilising SOLR there are some questions to consider

Is Solr bundled as a built-in search to an existing application? or  will you be managing a standalone Apache Solr cluster?

Will you be able to aupport a SOLR host?

Will you be able to support a Zookeeper host?

Will Apache Solr be installed on Windows or Linux . I've tried both and found greater stability on Linux. Another consideration when deciding OS is Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).  i.e skills are required depending on which OS is selected.



These are some of the Pros & Cons based on working with Solr. I've never had to expose Solr to an external network , so can't comment - but I suspect authentication may have some complications

Pro: Super flexible query language , 

Pro: Very fast response query 

Pro: Wide user base so relatively easy to troubleshoot

Pro: REST API access

Con:Cross Data Center replication unstable

Con: Quite a steep learning curve





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