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How to review AWS Database Migration Service for successful DB migration

24 June,2021 by Rambler

AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) is a cloud service supporting  relational databases, data warehouses, NoSQL & other various datastores migrations. 

Two main use cases

1) Homogenous - DB platform to same Database platform e.g Oracle on-prem to Oracle RDS. 

2) Heterogenous - DB platform to DB different platform e.g MySQL to Aurora. Via a schema conversion tool 



AWS Schema Conversion - If you're looking to target a Heterogenous migration than complete a thorough review AWS Schema Conversion which converts from source schema to target DB platform schema . e.g Based on previous experience schema conversion can be complex . Are all data types supported?

Security Need to be careful on security - thorough end to end review required. Demonstrate there are no security leaks.There are some best practises to follow - always keep in mind the principle of least privilege

Restricting DMS only to authorized group. Endpoints and migration tasks should be limited to this group

Controls around data at the target 

Limit the AWS accounts that can use DMS by Service Control Policies 

Does the DMS instance use the same network interface 

How can we avoid data exfiltration ?. Can  the DMS role to used for migrations be locked to not reroute to a publically accessible  s3 buckets created by another AWS account?

Data issues

Review transfer rates of data ? For example will a > 2TB database transfer at a similar rate  

Is there good BLOB support?

Need to analyse database with pointers to documents elsewhere on system

Are the  the full range of object types supported ?




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