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Top signs of an inexperienced DBA

02 September,2021 by Rambler

You're constantly programming, analysing,learning,troubleshooting , and developing some great experience ...and there was probably a time ehrn you suddenly realized you're a PRO.

There isn't always one sign that confirms a DBA is inexperienced (or even experienced) - quite often it can be a series of events , and it can also be one gaping hole of a particular skillset. 

There is a correlation with years - but just as importantly is how you learn, review your work and create the right feedback .

An experienced DBA is productive . Productive can mean different things to organisations - but productive DBAs develop good habits

Some specific signs of an inexperienced DBA 

> Not working in bite-size chunks. Experienced DBAs are good at targeting code, problems,issues  with focus. They prioritise and ensure the right weight is given to actions

Over engineering sql code. This is a classic and any individual could probably look back at their early efforts and wonder what was going through their mind. Some characteristics include - crazy logic , overly complex, difficult to read . One way to help overcoming this problem is to first  write out the logic in sentences. Keep it simple 

> Ineffective\Unproductive .Just working  for months\years on stuff  What are you trying to achieve ??  Imagine coming in to work - having a list of tasks and actually complete them . Are you spending time completing work.  Of course - there is a time to learn & research . DBA and the end of time management

> Unfortunate personality traits - such as arrogance . This can force you to develop overly complicated solutions. 



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