The best Wordle first word

04 March,2022 by Rambler

Playing Wordle every morning is one of my  satisfying pleasures. The fantasy is to  crack the Wordle enigma first try - but in reality that would be blind luck.    

The second best situation is pick a first word which reveals as many letters as possible , triggering a sense of anticipation for the battle ahead. 

Picking the first word is a mixture of luck & strategy.    There are 2315 official Wordle words , so the odds aren't particuarly bad - in comparison to winning on the lottery.    But the challenge is you only have 6 opportunities to get the word

There a re different strategies , some people pick the same word every day,  or some pick words with a high count of vowels or words with letters used the highest frequency or containing features  such "th, ch,sh " etc

I've made the following observations based on countless Wordle experiences :

1) Try & select letters that have a higher chance of appearing in the position   - 

2) Aim for at least 2 vowels in the first choice - and ideally one at the end of the word, e.g abase, abuse , inane

Based  on another study - the top 3 words for a fast win  are : slice , tried , crane

and the same study presents the top 3 words for  a wind in 6 :  adept, clamp , plaid 

There is a bit of luck . Today's answer was AHEAD      







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