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How to copy a PostgreSQL table to another database using pgAdmin

27 April,2022 by Rambler

Question: I have some tables on database on a PostgreSQL server instance. I want to copy the schema and data to another PostgreSQL  server instance . Is there a straightforward process using pgAdmin to complete this task?

Answer:  For a larger migration effort  I suggest a pg_dump\pg_restore method butA straightforward method is to use  the backup functionality on pgAdmin. 

You can also use the backup functionality in pgAdmin . These are the steps:

  • Open pgAdmin, right click the database table you want to move, select "Backup"
  • Pick the directory for the output file and suggest a filename
  • Set Format to "Plain"
  • Click the "Data/Objects" tab, check "Only data" or "only Schema" . This will depending on your objective.
  • Under the Options| Queries section, click "Use Column Inserts" and "User Insert Commands". This will generate the INSERT statements
  • Click the "Backup" button. This outputs to a .backup file
  • Open this new file using notepad. You will see the insert scripts needed for the table/data. Copy and paste these into the new database sql page in pgAdmin. Run as pgScript - Query->Execute as pgScript .     
  • If you've selected the Schema option , you may need to adjust the owner name if the owner name on the target database is different - as you may get a "role not found" error whilst applying the script on target state




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