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MSSQL to PostgreSQL Migration - upper versus lower case

11 April,2022 by Rambler

Question: I've migrated a SQL Server database to PostgreSQL , but the table names and column names - from the original SQL Server database were a mixture of upper case and lower case. The tables were migrated but the table names remained with the mixture of the Upper case and lower case . Example : MyTable . I understand PostgreSQL objects are managed via lower case

The immediate problem is that application code has to change - so instead of : select mycol1 from myTable - it has to change to select col1 from "myTable" .   The same applies for columns - so instead of "select Col1 from mytable" - it has to change to "select "Col1 from mytable.   

How can I make all the table names and column names lower case via a scripted method.

Answer : To  change the  table names to lower case - use this code via querying the the system view - pg_tables  and identifying the tables which are not lowercase, which will print out the statement required: 


SELECT  'ALTER TABLE public."' || tablename || '" RENAME TO ' || lower(tablename) 
FROM    pg_tables 
WHERE   schemaname = 'public'
    AND tablename <> lower(tablename);

To change the column  names to lower case - use this query . This query uses the regclass data type. The regclass data type is an alias for Object identifier. This query will create a list of queries - identifying columns which are not lower case. 



SELECT   'ALTER TABLE ' || a.oid::regclass || ' RENAME COLUMN ' || quote_ident(attname)
                    || ' TO ' || lower(quote_ident(attname))
       FROM    pg_attribute AS b, pg_class AS a, pg_namespace AS c 
       WHERE   relkind = 'r'
               AND     c.oid = a.relnamespace
               AND     a.oid = b.attrelid
               AND     b.attname NOT IN ('xmin', 'xmax', 'oid', 'cmin', 'cmax', 'tableoid', 'ctid')
               AND     a.oid > 16384
               AND     nspname = 'public'
               AND     lower(attname) != attname;

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