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How to change PostgreSQL default schema

17 May,2022 by Rambler

Question: I know that “public” is PostgreSQL default scheme. I want to change the default schema name ,  as there is a procedure to migrate tables into a dedicated schema , separate from the public schema .  I don't want the application owners to assign a schema name prefix  to existing code  code i.e reference using the schema name prefix  - SELECT * FROM myschema.myTable ?

Answer:    Before you do anything you can check the user's current default schema    via the    the PostgreSQL command :

SHOW search_path 

=> "$user",public


 You can change the default schema   with this command - but the problem is this will be just for the current session 

SET search_path = new_schema


To make it a permanent change , you have a number of options;

1) Change the set_schema at the database level

ALTER DATABASE <database_name> SET search_path TO schema1;

2)Change the set_schema at the user or role level 

ALTER ROLE <role_name> SET search_path TO schema1;

ALTER USER <user_name> SET search_path TO schema1;

3) Change the postgresql.conf   under the CLIENT CONNECTION DEFAULTS section

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