AWS CLI Cheatsheet

15 September,2022 by Rambler

AWS CLI  commands and queries I use on a regular basis 


--get the aws cli help pages  

aws help

--get the service command list , example for Database Management Service (DMS)

aws dms commands


--list RDS instances 

aws rds describe-db-instances 

--list all RDS instances endpoints

aws rds describe-db-instances --query "DBInstances[].Endpoint[]"

--list all RDS DBInstanceIdentifier & Status 

aws rds describe-db-instances --query "DBInstances[].[DBInstanceIdentifier,DBInstanceStatus] "




--list all backup plans

aws backup list-backup-plans

--list all backup plans BackupPlanName only 

aws backup list-backup-plans --query "BackupPlansList[].BackupPlanName[]"

--list resources selection for a backup plan 

aws backup list-backup-selections --backup-plan-id "187128731287312873198273"

--delete a Backup Plan (delete resource assignment , delete backup plan)

# Step 1 : Delete backup selection
aws backup delete-backup-selection --backup-plan-id  "989898988 --selection-id "89879879877"

# Step 2 : Delete backup plan
aws backup delete-backup-plan ----backup-plan-id  "989898988 


Database Management Service (DMS)


--list subnet group configuration for DMS

aws dms describe-replication-subnet-groups

--list replication instances

aws dms describe-replication-instances


Identity & Access Management (IAM)


---Validate user’s permission on the SecretAccessRole using the IAM get-role command.

aws iam get-role --role-name ROLE_NAME

--Validate user’s permission on the secret using the Secrets Manager describe-secret
aws secretsmanager describe-secret --secret-id SECRET_NAME OR SECRET_ARN --region=REGION_NAME

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