What is Serverless Architecture ?

11 October,2022 by Rambler

Serverless is a term related to Cloud Computing. The primary objective of the Serverless model is for the cloud provider to allocate and manage the server resources for the customer. Although the main intention is to allocate server resources , we'll see below how the definition of serverless is expanding into other components of the Application Stack , such as Data Stores and Integration methods


Here is an example  marketing from AWS  and other cloud providers  about the benefits of Serverless, but this doesn't  even describe half the picture and it can be a long road to adopt the Serverless model 

->Get to market faster

->Lower total cost of ownership

->High performance and scalability

->Security & isolation by design 


=> Biggest barrier to adoption of Serverless in the Cloud - lack of time , most time by developers\engineers spent on infrastructure management 

=>AWS serverless growing .Adoption of Lambda is  massive. Big benefit of using AWS or other Cloud Providers  is they work with multiple customers and make services as simple as possible, Big focus on Agility \ Performance , Cost ,Security.     From an Architecture perspective it is important to not blindly adopt every Serverless method. 

=>AWS responsibility model - serverless capabilities built in as part of the service deployment 

=>Bring your own (BYO) Code & Binaries -    The Cloud Provider philosophy is for the Cloud Provider to manage infrastructure and the customer focuses on code 

=>Amazon Aurora - multi-region, backups, good example of  serverless . Supports MySQL,PostgreSQL,DynamoDB.  

                            =>Incorporates all these layers as managed across the stack: Compute \ Databases\Storage\Messaging\Analytics 

                            =>Deep dive on Amazon Aurora

=> How do you change the Data Center mentality  - to Serverless - and prioritise bring your code \ scaling as a service

=>To fully utilize AWS EKS,AWS Fargate - you can utilize the services - but it's only by refactoring applications as microservices, do you begin to utilize the serverless properly

=> Patterns\Methods of adopting serverless :   

                    1) Retire => SaaS 

                    2) Migrate to AWS - Lift & Shift 

                    3) Modernize - Replatform & Refactor. Strategic conversations required about how to prioritize 

==> Serverless is more than compute - covers Compute(lambda , Fargate)   , Data Stores (s3,Aurora , DynamoDB) ,Integration (EventBridge,API gateway,SNS)

==>Example Pattern 1 :APIs are the primary mechanism of microservices  - first step is to identify if an API is available, if an API already exists try and reuse. If a new one is created consider having a justified approach. 

==>Example Pattern 2:  Events are the connective tissue of modern applications

         Lambda can be invoked via 3 methods: Synchronous, Asynchronous, Poll-based . 


Read more on Cloud related topics 

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Author: Rambler (http://www.dba-ninja.com)


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