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AWS CLI -- output table format broken on Windows

16 November,2022 by Rambler

Question : When I  use the AWS CLI  --output table option , I get  characters returning which is breaking the output . Here is an example:

aws rds describe-db-snapshots --db-instance-identifier MyRDSInstance --query "DBSnapshots[].[DBSnapshotIdentifier,SnapshotCreateTime,SnapshotType]" --output table

| DescribeDBSnapshots |
| ←[1m←[34mawsbackup:job-dfghre-0d2d-121e-7cbb-953bf72345678←[0m | ←[1m←[34m2022-11-16T02:27:00.115000+00:00←[0m | ←[1m←[34mawsbackup←[0m |

How can I fix this problem? As an extra piece of information I'm executing the same on Linux - but not getting the same issue 

Answer: I have seen this before and is a bug which needs to be fixed. There is a workaround - which I've used and will clean up these extra color character codes and make it much easier to read the aws cli output

The fix is to add  the switch :   --color off 

The AWS documentation "--color <string> Specifies support for color output. Valid values are onoff, and auto. The default value is auto."

So in your example it would be:

aws rds describe-db-snapshots --db-instance-identifier MyRDSInstance --query "DBSnapshots[].[DBSnapshotIdentifier,SnapshotCreateTime,SnapshotType]" --output table --color off


Read AWS CLI Cheatsheet   for more tips on how to use AWS CLI commands

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