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Does DMS migrate PostgreSQL geospatial data types ?

30 January,2023 by Rambler

Question: we're researching using the AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) to migrate a homogenous migration between on-premises PostgreSQL to Aurora PostgreSQL. 

Within the database there are various data types used  which we're identifying if they may cause an issue. The data types are related to PostGIS spatial data types. Are these supported for a homogenous PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL migrations?   What is the AWS recommendation for homogenous migrations?


Answer:   The general recommendation by AWS for a homogenous migration such as PostgreSQL to Aurora PostgreSQL is to use use the PostgreSQL migration tools under the following circumstances:

1) It is a homogenous migration - relational to relational (similar db ) or NoSQL to NoSQL. Example PostgreSQL to RDS PostgreSQL

2) Entire database is being migrated 

3) The PostgreSQL tools support a migration within the acceptable downtime 


The decision whether you use something like pg_dump\pg_restore or AWS DMS will  depend on a number of factors such as acceptable downtime 



For PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL homogeneous migrations, AWS DMS supports the migration of PostGIS geometric and geographic (geodetic coordinates) data object types and subtypes such as the following:








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