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Terraform explained

01 June,2023 by Rambler

Terraform explained in 15 mins 

A quick summary of the Terraform explained in 15 mins  YouTube video . To get the full details watch this excellent video - linked below 

What is Terraform ?

Allows you to automate and manage your infrastructure and services running on your platform using a declarative language (define what end reult you want)

  1. Provisioning infrastructire 2. Deploying applications    ==> Can be one or more teams which are involved in these work streams 

          Terraform comes in at step 1 - 

Difference between Ansible & Terraform  - Both Infrastructure as a Code , however TF mainly infrratstructure provisioning tool . Ansible mainly a configuration tool . There is overlap 


Create Infrastructire 

Changes to infrastructure ==> stage 2 , i.e managing the infrastructure - automate the continuous changes 

Replicating infrastructure - e.g Dev environment -> Prod environment 

How does Terraform work?

   - 2 mian components 

           - CORE 

                  - 2 input sources : TF-Config and State .   Core than figures what needs to be created , updated , destroyed ?

      Terraform works with different Provides - aws,Azure , Kubernetes - currently over 100 providers 

                Execution Plans   ==> Providers 


Declarative  - you define the end state in your config file   , not the exact steps (imperative) . There are multiple benefits including you always know the current setip by looking at the config file 

Declarative is suitable for  these types of tasks , but  for other types of tasks  some further though may be required : Is Terraform declarative or imperative and is it suitable for DB restore procedures ?

Terraform has commands

--refresh - query infrastructure provider to get current state 

--plan - create an execution plan 

-apply - execute the plan 

-destroy - destroy the resources/infrastructure



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