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copy-source-tags-to-restored-resource for AWS DynamoDB

30 August,2023 by Rambler

Question: I've read about the new switch in  AWS Backup service api called copy-source-tags-to-restored-resource  , and have successfully applied the tag during the restore procedure for an RDS

But I tried to apply it to DynamoDB and received this error message . 

aws backup start-restore-job --recovery-point-arn arn:aws:backup:xxxxx:9999999999:recovery-point:888888888888888 --copy-source-tags-to-restored-resource --metadata file://restore_metadata.json --resource-type DynamoDB --iam-role-arn arn:aws:iam::xxxxxxxxxx:role/xxxxxxxxxx --region myregion1


An error occurred (InvalidRequestException) when calling the StartRestoreJob operation: Copying tags from the protected resource to the restored resource is not supported for [DynamoDB] resource type.

Am I doing something incorrectly or is this a current state in relation to copying tags from a AWS Backup  backup copy  to a restored DynamoDB?

Answer: Currently there a bunch of resources including DynamoDB and Advanced DynamoDB that do not support copy-source-tags-to-restored-resource . More information on Copying tags onto backups This means you'll need to explore a process to add the tags as part of a post-restore procedure 

The situation applies to both a single resgion backup & restore scenario & cross-region scenario. Creating backup copies across AWS Regions is a common Disaster Recovery technique but maintaining a systematic and efficient recovery procedure will require developing procedures to support a dependable recovery process

One approach is to main some sort of  metadata management databases which stores all the extra information that will be required to restore the database back to it's previous last known good position. 


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