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Get secret value from AWS Secrets Manager

04 September,2023 by Rambler

Question: Rather than using the AWS Interface - how can I grab the secret value of the AWS secret  using AWS CLI ?


Step 1: AWS Security required to access - secretsmanager:ListSecrets

Step 2 : Find the the actual secret . There could be various sources where you may get the secret , for example it may be in the IaC repository or any other source of truth related to the Asset

--Use the various conditional available to narrow dow the search 

aws secretsmanager list-secrets --query "SecretList[?contains(Name,'a_value')].[*]"


Step 3: Retrieve the secret value 

aws secretsmanager get-secret-value --secret-id my_secret_id --query "SecretString"


AWS CLI Cheatsheet - RDS, AWS Backup , DMS, IAM, Security Token Service,KMS,EC2, DynamoDB,VPC,Aurora, RESOURCEGROUPSTAGGINGAPI

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