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GIT cheat sheet

20 September,2023 by Rambler

Compiling a list of GIT commands used regularly in my daily work. Adding more over the next few daysModels



Gitflow - Focus on long lif feature branches and multiple primary branches . More collaboration required - and strict development method. 

Trunk-based development - Developers merge small, regular update to the core - trunk also know as "main branch" . Used in CI\CD




--Clone the repository to the local machine 

git clone


--Check status of file 

--Files marked in red are in the file system, but Git not tracking them yet.

git status

--Track the file 

git add myFilename


-- Commit aka save your file to the  local copy of the project’s Git repository

git commit -m "a commit test"


--show refs

git show-ref

--Show commit history 

git log 

--Display unstaged changes 

git diff 




--Push aka your changes from you up to GitHub

--origin = repository of copy in GitHub 

git push origin <replace_with_branch_name>




--Display branches in the repo

git branch

--Create and check out a new branch named <MyBranch>. Don't use the -b flag for checking out an existing branch. 

git checkout -b <MyBranch>



git config --global http.sslVerify false 



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