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How to create a CNAME record for a Route 53 Domain

22 March,2024 by Rambler

Question : How do I create a CNAME record on an AWS Route 53 Private Hosted Zone (PHZ)   Dimain using AWS CLI ?   I want to use the CNAME record to route traffic to an Aurora Cluster 


Answer: Assuming you have a valid PHZ set up with with a domain . You can check by issuing the following AWS CLI commands in the AWS account .


--get the Id of the domain 
aws route53 list-hosted-zones-by-name --query "HostedZones[].[Name,Id]" --output table
--use the Id to view the vpc- details 
aws route53 get-hosted-zone --id 

Once you've confirmed there is a valid PHZ and domain , the next step is to create the CNAME record. You will need at minimum some information :

  • Hosted Zone ID - use the commands above 
  • The subdomain to be used as part of the referemces


Create a json file similar to the ddetails below . This will create a new CNAME record on a PHZ domain "" . Th  new cname will be "" routing traffic to ""


  "Comment": "r53_cname_test",
  "Changes": [
      "Action": "CREATE",
      "ResourceRecordSet": {
        "Name": "",
        "Type": "CNAME",
        "TTL": 300,
        "ResourceRecords": [
            "Value": ""

The next step is to issue the aws cli command  using the route53  service call to change-resource-record-sets,  referencing the json file created above .


aws route53 change-resource-record-sets  --hosted-zone-id /hostedzone/VB0000000NMCCCCC  --change-batch file://create_cname.json

To view the list of cnames associated with the domain 


aws route53 list-resource-record-sets --hosted-zone-id hostingid

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