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The difference between Continuous backup and PITR in DynamoDB

10 April,2024 by Rambler

Question: When I look at the  dynamodb decribe-continuous-backups command , there is reference to both ContinuousBackupsStatus and PointInTimeRecoveryStatus . What is the difference and is  it possible to restore if PointInTimeRecoveryStatus  is DISABLED ?

aws dynamodb describe-continuous-backups --table-name abc2

    "ContinuousBackupsDescription": {
        "ContinuousBackupsStatus": "ENABLED",
        "PointInTimeRecoveryDescription": {
            "PointInTimeRecoveryStatus": "DISABLED"


Answer: It can be confusing as Continuous backups is ENABLED for all DynamoDB tables , whereas PointinTimeRecovery (PITR )needs to be explicitly ENABLED.

If PITR is not ENABLED than there is no recovery point  available.     Obviously - you may also be using AWS Backup or creating Snapshots .   But if you are not creating other backups and do not have PITR enabled than there is no recovery point . 

One side-benefit of enabling DynamoDB PITR is the ability to Recover deleted DynamoDB table with Point-In-Time Recovery Enabled

When PITR is enabled ,  the replication logs begin to be moved into  S3 .   There is also a periodical scan & snapshot of the B-tree to s3.

So when you want to restore a PITR there is a sequence of events leading to a consisten restore:

1) Looks at all the artefacts in s3 related to the DynamoDB table based on the Restore Time

2) Finds a "snapshot "in the past and all the logs associated from that point up to the required restore time 

3) Restore the snapshot and apply the logs 


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