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Using psycopg2 for PostgreSQL connections via Python on Lambda functions

03 June,2024 by Rambler

Download the psycopg2 library from this link Follow the instructions in the link . Essentially , you'll need to place the correct folder alongside the file .  

Initially - I was uploading this package into AWS Lambda and getting an error. Then I found some useful details on .   

The critical information in the link was "rename to" .    Once I renamed the file , uploaded the psycopg2 folder - the python script was able to connect ok

Make sure you reconfigure the default timeout value - read more Task timed out after 3.02 seconds aws lambda

This is the Python sample I executed in the AWS Lambda context 



import json
import boto3
import psycopg2

username = "my_username"
password = "my_password"
target_host = "my_aws_db_instance_"
db = "postgres"
target_port = "1234"

def lambda_handler(event, context):
  connection = psycopg2.connect(user=username, password=password, host=target_host, database=db, port=target_port)
  cursor = connection.cursor()
  query = "SELECT version() AS version"
  results = cursor.fetchone()
  return results

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