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10/01/2021 How to do a MariaDB Restore

09/20/2021 Default Isolation Levels across database systems

09/08/2021 What is the Disk Capacity and Partition Amounts for GPT and MBR

09/02/2021 Top signs of an inexperienced DBA

08/25/2021 Chaos engineering and databases

08/24/2021 Building Secure and reliable systems

08/16/2021 How to MySQL restore files from a directory backup to their original location

07/22/2021 Explain the difference between one-way trust and two-way trust

07/19/2021 How to use Database Reliability Engineering to Increase Database availability

07/08/2021 How to automatically delete MongoDB documents after a certain time with TTL indexes

06/28/2021 How does a server select a Domain Controller

06/24/2021 How to review AWS Database Migration Service for successful DB migration

06/23/2021 How to get the Active Directory Site subnets

06/15/2021 How to use MongoDB queries to increase your DBA expertise

06/09/2021 How to fix Postgres error remaining connection slots are reserved for non-replication superuser connections

05/18/2021 How to display current user in MongoDB

05/17/2021 How to create an index on a MongoDB collection

05/12/2021 What is an immutable backup?

05/06/2021 How to rename a MongoDB database

04/26/2021 Learn about Containers

04/15/2021 How to move a MariaDB table to another database;

04/13/2021 What is the Apache Solr database

04/08/2021 Easy fix for ERROR 1449 (HY000): The user specified as a definer does not exist

04/06/2021 How to check an AD group is Unix-Enabled with Powershell

04/01/2021 How to use PostgreSQL pg_basebackup

03/24/2021 Describe Kerberos keytabs

03/16/2021 How to avoid displaying password with Mongo shell logon

03/12/2021 How to fix MariaDB Error 1045 - Access denied for user

03/07/2021 A Terraria Review: Is it Good? P.1

03/07/2021 Kingdoms Reborn- Is It Worth It? P.1

01/14/2021 How to identify if MongoDB Backup Snapshot Encryption is enabled

12/30/2020 The Amazing Babelfish for PostgreSQL by AWS

12/22/2020 How to execute a js file in MongoDB

12/02/2020 How to use MongoDB column alias in SQL Server SELECT

11/06/2020 How to restore a single MongoDB database from a Snapshot Backup

10/28/2020 How to stop and start MariaDB on Linux

09/22/2020 How to use mongodrdrl to extract a MongoDB collection schema

09/03/2020 How to fix Crontab -e - You are not allowed to use this program (crontab)

09/03/2020 How to easily install Podman on Red Hat Linux

09/01/2020 How to change PostgreSQL database data directory

07/24/2020 How to fix Table doesn't exist in engine error for MariaDB Error 1932

07/21/2020 How to use auto-increment with PostgreSQL sequence

07/15/2020 Announcing Powerful Rules for Disruptors with MongoDB

07/14/2020 How to fix - Cannot connect to the Docker daemon

07/14/2020 How to master KSQL with cheat-sheet

06/30/2020 How to find Default Access Privileges on PostgreSQL with pg_default_acl

06/26/2020 MongoDB 4.2.7 Bug - Off-by-one overflow in block-modification bitmaps for incremental backup

06/23/2020 Failed: error dumping users and roles: error writing data for collection with mongodump

06/22/2020 Easy fix for ERROR 1010 (HY000): Error dropping database

06/04/2020 Overcome the MongoDB Backup is down alert

06/02/2020 How to migrate databases with mongodump and mongorestore

05/27/2020 How to edit a user password with MongoDB Ops Manager

05/19/2020 MariaDB is number function

04/21/2020 How to make MySQL tables case insensitive

04/17/2020 MariaDB EXPLAIN same query - different results on different servers

04/02/2020 MongoDB Performance Tuning

04/01/2020 Transparent Huge Pages - Detected startup warnings on a database backing the system

02/28/2020 MariaDB RLIKE condition

02/10/2020 MongoDB Replica Set High Availability Notes

02/07/2020 mongo : command not found

01/24/2020 How to list MongoDB connections - client ip and port

01/21/2020 bash: /home/myuser/.ssh/authorized_keys: No such file or directory

01/20/2020 How to load csv data with quotes and ENCLOSED BY into MariaDB table

01/15/2020 MariaDB /tmp file filling with MAD file

01/06/2020 Quick access to MariaDB Cheatsheet

12/30/2019 How to know PostgreSQL is running or installed

11/25/2019 How to unlock the secrets of MongoDB BI Connector

11/20/2019 Top 10 Yoda tips for the Linux command line

11/18/2019 How to use pgbench for PostgreSQL benchmark testing

11/14/2019 How to clear Postgresql database cache

11/12/2019 How to calculate the PostgreSQL database size

11/08/2019 ODBC Data Source Administrator Connection Type for IBM i Access for Windows

10/25/2019 HCI and Database servers

10/07/2019 Which one to use - Apache Kafka versus RabbitMQ

10/03/2019 How to fix mongo odbc 1.1 access denied for user in Challenge and Response

10/01/2019 How to find Kafka port number and Zookeeper port number

09/26/2019 How to use Powershell export-csv without a header

09/24/2019 How to use curl for a RabbitMQ connection

09/13/2019 How to import a csv file with a header into a PostgreSQL table

09/11/2019 How to migrate MongoDB data to PostgreSQL using mongoexport

09/03/2019 How to get DSN list from remote servers using Powershell

08/30/2019 What is the Avro data format

08/29/2019 PostgreSQL Foreign Data Wrapper

08/28/2019 What's new in Postgres 12

08/22/2019 How to create a MongoDB change stream application

08/20/2019 How to read MongoDB system log file

08/09/2019 Apache Kafka FAQ

08/08/2019 How to find PostgreSQL server messages logs

08/07/2019 How to create a MongoDB change stream for standalone

08/03/2019 Bad Blood - Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup - Review

07/22/2019 Confluent Kafka and MongoDB connector

07/15/2019 MongoDB - WARNING: shell and server versions do not match

07/03/2019 How to get the Java Toolbox jt400 version through Command Line

05/29/2019 How to create a log trace and send to file in Kafka

05/02/2019 How to Rock Apache Kafka with a cheat-sheet

04/04/2019 Mission sub 3 marathon

03/07/2019 Running Highly available Postgres databases in Containers - Cattle and Pets

01/21/2019 Quick Access To Mongodb Commands Cheat Sheet

01/08/2019 How to use an external smtp server with Linux mail \ mailx

12/27/2018 How to list extensions in PostgreSQL

12/24/2018 Frequently Asked Questions - dba-ninja.com

12/24/2018 How To Contact Jack Vamvas

10/06/2018 PostgreSQL cheatsheet

05/01/2018 Open Source database links