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Full list of SQL Server articles posted

10/07/2019 Which one to use - Apache Kafka versus RabbitMQ

10/03/2019 How to fix mongo odbc 1.1 access denied for user in Challenge and Response

10/01/2019 How to find Kafka port number and Zookeeper port number

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09/24/2019 How to use curl for a RabbitMQ connection

09/13/2019 How to import a csv file with a header into a PostgreSQL table

09/11/2019 How to migrate MongoDB data to PostgreSQL using mongoexport

09/03/2019 How to get DSN list from remote servers using Powershell

08/30/2019 What is the Avro data format

08/29/2019 PostgreSQL Foreign Data Wrapper

08/28/2019 What's new in Postgres 12

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08/20/2019 How to read MongoDB system log file

08/09/2019 Apache Kafka FAQ

08/08/2019 How to find PostgreSQL server messages logs

08/07/2019 How to create a MongoDB change stream for standalone

08/03/2019 Bad Blood - Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup - Review

07/22/2019 Confluent Kafka and MongoDB connector

07/15/2019 MongoDB - WARNING: shell and server versions do not match

07/03/2019 How to get the Java Toolbox jt400 version through Command Line

05/29/2019 How to create a log trace and send to file in Kafka

05/02/2019 Kafka cheatsheet

04/04/2019 Mission sub 3 marathon

03/07/2019 Running Highly available Postgres databases in Containers - Cattle and Pets

01/21/2019 MongoDB cheatsheet

01/08/2019 How to use an external smtp server with Linux mail \ mailx

12/27/2018 How to list extensions in PostgreSQL

12/24/2018 Frequently Asked Questions - dba-ninja.com

12/24/2018 Contact me Jack Vamvas

10/06/2018 PostgreSQL cheatsheet

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